Cosmetic Rehabilitation

Smile Design

Smiles are perhaps our most cherished personal asset. Smile designing is the art and science of constructing healthy and happy smiles through procedures like dental veneers, composite bonding, dental crowns, teeth whitening and tooth implant. A treatment plan is completely based on a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions, which include the lips, gums and teeth.

Digital Smile Design

This advanced treatment planning tool, helps us gain a strong diagnostic vision as to the final result. Digital smile design uses several tools which include intra-oral photographs, extra-oral smile and profile photographs, CBCT radiographs and videos. These are superimposed to create a virtual image, giving the clinician as well as the patient a great estimate of the final image.

We work with a variety of proprietary digital smile design software like EXOSMILE along with CAD/CAM software like EXOCAD and HYPERDENT to create a virtual reality simulation as to how exactly your smile would look after treatment. This helps us decide the exact treatment modality required.

Invisible Braces

Not every case of crooked teeth needs to go through months or even years of uncomfortable treatment with braces. Invisible braces are custom 3D printed to promote steady but fast movement of your teeth, producing visible results in less than a year whereas conventional treatments take much longer than that. All this, without you spending a fortune for your smile!

As they are easily removable, normal functions and maintenance are extremely easy. Just take them off, enjoy your meal, wash the aligner and wear it again.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a revolutionary method to realign your teeth to create that perfect smile you’ve been looking for in a gentle, safe, discreet manner without monthly in-person visits. We employ industry leaders like Straumann’s Clear Correct, VClear and Invisalign as our clear aligner partners to correct your smile. Each of these come in 2 varieties, a night wear variety and a full day variety. Straighten your teeth as you sleep with the night aligners whereas the full day aligners are the perfect fit for you if you have a major life event to attend in another 6 months.

Teeth Whitening

A constant concern for many patients is stained or yellowish teeth. It has to be noted that most natural teeth vary through various shades of yellow generally. Fortunately, dentistry has evolved significantly to enable us to fix you up with your desired “pearly whites”.

Discoloration or staining of teeth can be of two types:

1. Intrinsic stains
These stains are the one that are present inherently within the tooth structure cannot be removed by good oral hygiene practices. These stains are usually present since birth or can be the result of an injury or side effects of medicaments like tetracycline or fluoride taken during the gestation period. Such stains do not often respond to bleaching treatment.

2. Extrinsic stains
These are primarily due to substances that come in contact with our teeth like food, cigarettes, spices, paan masala and more. These do not penetrate deep into the matrix of the teeth and sometimes can be effectively eliminated with good oral hygiene or a professional scaling procedure.

We conduct a thorough investigation as to the cause of staining before we proceed. This let’s us assess the degree of success that we can achieve in our treatment, setting realistic expectations. Teeth whitening can be done with or without root canal treatment via a number of procedures which can be classified broadly into the type of mechanism involved in breaking down the stains:

1. Light activated
2. Chemically Activated
3. Laser activated
It should be noted that most teeth whitening procedures have to be repeated after a definite interval.

Cosmetic Restoration: Crowns, Bridges, Veneers (Single Visit Dentistry)

Overhauling your smile in a single day with the dentist using the latest techniques and equipment is a definite YES! The initial consultation entails understanding the needs of your treatment. Following this, dental procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers start with tooth preparation. A 3D intra-oral scanner is used to record an accurate measurement in seconds, replacing messy, uncomfortable impressions. The Cerec Sirona CAD CAM technology creates a perfect model of your tooth using colour-matching ceramic materials. Next, we simply cement the crown and off you go!

A similar technique for dental implants, also helps us replace missing teeth in a single day. This can be done for a single tooth, multiple teeth or even the whole mouth. Consult with us to learn if you are a good candidate for single visit dentistry.

Tooth Jewelry

Why have an accessory for everything but not for your best asset? Enhance your smile with a glittering stone that literally adds the sparkle to your smile. Tooth jewelry is an innovative and interesting method to liven up your smile. The best part is that this procedure is completely painless and can be easily reversed. There is no loss of tooth structure as there is no drilling involved!

Love something quirky? Well, let us help you in your quest!

Gum Redesigning

Gum Depigmentation

Frequently, many patients complain of darkened gums. This natural pigmentation is due to melanin, the same pigment responsible for the color of our skin. Frequently, many patients complain of darkened gums. This natural pigmentation is due to melanin, the same pigment responsible for the color of our skin. Gum de-pigmentation is a process where we strip a layer of epithelium on top with the help of a laser, producing visibly lighter gums which are pink in color. It must be noted that since there is a continued production of melanin, we may have to repeat this procedure in a few months to sustain the results.

Gum Recontouring

Sometimes, it isn’t the teeth that is the issue. The gums around the teeth can have a very prominent effect on how our smile looks. Swollen gums or uneven gums can distract from a perfect smile. While you may not be able to pinpoint the exact problem, your dentist can easily recognize the issue and take steps to mend it.

There are multiple methods to obtain the perfect gingival, also called gum contouring. One of the most popular methods is with lasers. Lasers provide a painless, bloodless method to achieve perfect results quickly and safely. Consult with us to get back your beautiful smile.

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Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious.

Kolis Muller NY Citizen

Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious.

Kolis Muller NY Citizen

Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious.

Kolis Muller NY Citizen